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About Oxy-vita:

Oxyvita is an extremely pure mountain spring water from the unpolluted Hex River Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa. The content of inorganic minerals is almost non existent.The TDS (Total dissolved solids) is only 10mg/l which gives this water a unique refreshing taste. At the bottling process the water is infused with up to ten times (80mg/l) more oxygen than normal water. Drinking Oxy-vita supplies your body with much needed oxygen and can make you feel significantly better.

What the experts are saying. Water chemistry of untreated product:

The chemistry of the untreated product is excellent. All the cations and anions assessed (as listed in Table 2 of the SABS document) are very low and fall well below the maximum limits set by the SABS specification for natural bottled water. The Water is the purest ever collected by Groundwater Consulting Services, with metals and total dissolve solids being almost non-existent. The only chemical characteristic not conforming to the SABS specifications for natural bottled water is the low ph of 5.7. This low ph is typical of groundwaters of the Table Mountain Group aquifers and is not unduly low.

The microbiological requirements for bottled natural water requires that in the untreated product.
- coliforms bacteria shall be absent in 100ml,
- faecal coliform bacteria shall be absent in 100ml,
- there shall be fewer than 100 organism per total plate count per 1ml and 
- when the untreated product is tested in accordance SABS ISO 7937/19997;
viable Clostridium perfringens spores shall be absent.

The microbiological analysis indicated that the source is free from any bacteriological contamination.

Possible Sources of Contamination of Groundwater:

At present the possibility of contamination of the groundwater source is limited. The sources is located well up the mountain slope in pristine natural fynbos. No man made futures or agricultural practices occur up gradient of the source. The steep slopes of the Hex River Mountains above the bore hole makes any future development or expansion of agricultural practices above the bore hole unlikely.


The groundwater supply utilized by the Hex Vally Spring Water Company is ideal from a hydro-geological perspective. The recharge to the source is located high up the Hex River Mountain Range in a pristine mountain fynbos area. No potential sources of contamination exist up gradient, or adjacent to the bore hole the water abstracted is exceptionally pure. The water has the lowest electrical conductivity (2,5 mS/m) of any groundwater ever sampled by Groundwater Consulting
Services. As a result, the water is well within the SABS maximum allowable chemical and microbiological levels and suitable for bottling as a natural water. 


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